Types of Jobs Requiring Equipment Storage

July 29th, 2012

When a company runs out of room, it can be devastating to the company and to the growth.  Profits may be loss due to the lack of work that could be done with more space.  Many companies find themselves in this predicament day after day because of the lack of space available.  All companies are different therefore require different capabilities in storage.  Shelter Structures, Inc. understands this and provides a competent solution to handle the needs of any company both big and small.


Construction companies work at different job sites all year long moving from one project to the next.  In order to do this efficiently, they have to set up shop at any location and be portable at all times.  This helps the company to transition better from each job.  Many times, when at the job site, cover is needed to protect the workers from whatever weather conditions are currently and protect valuable equipment used to finish the construction.  Heat and heavy rain can close a job site down.  This is devastating for a construction company as it eliminates the job from being done and moving the date of completion back.  By using a fabric cover, the job can continue in any weather condition and remain on time, making money to continue to grow.


Manufacturing companies pour in millions of dollars into equipment.  The output of the equipment brings in multitudes of products.  This is where the majority of the profits come in for the company.  Protection of all these machines is vital for a manufacturing company.  The machines are generally enormous and take up a lot of space in a plant.  Expansion is very common in this industry.  By providing a shelter for equipment storage, the company can utilize more space for the machines and create an outdoor space into a workable area.  In return, more profits are added to the bottom line.

Servicing Facilities

Companies that tend to move around a lot have a great need for portable equipment storage.  Military facilities are the most common users of these canopies.  They are easy to assemble in a quick fashion and are great to use for work sites.  They protect the equipment in rural areas, where they may not otherwise have cover.  In doing so, this provides a great convenience and a low budget option to get the work done.  Time is spent on doing the work and not spent on travel time and building a new facility.

There are so many uses for storage buildings and are applicable to any type of company.  Whether they are looking for equipment storage to preserve its value or needing space for more business opportunities, the storage needs are met by Shelter Structures, Inc.  They are well-versed in knowing each companies desires in storage and can accommodate it at any capacity.  This places more money in the company’s budget for continued growth and expansion.  Shelter Structures, Inc.  uses all types of materials and accessories to adhere to the demands of a company.


Portable Warehouse for Storage and Space Solutions

July 28th, 2012

Riding down the road, it is easy to see why space is one of many families’ top needs.  Many homes that have a garage are not using the space for their cars but instead using it to store what they deem valuable enough to keep.  In doing so, one of our most expensive possessions is kept outside to weather the elements.  Americans need more space for their belongings.portable warehouse

Companies also need storage for their equipment.  As a company grows, so does their need for overhead to protect their equipment.  This gives a company greater confidence in their storage so they can focus more on their main duties as a business. Criminals seek out ways to find valuables that are unprotected.   Damage to equipment due to weather is a great way to spend money out of budget.

Most people do not stay in one place for their lifetime.  Whether it is the move of their residence or the move of a business, Shelter Structures, Inc. has come up with a solution for both needs on a micro and macro level.  They have a portable warehouse that would meet anyone’s demands.  This allows a person to store their belongings anywhere.  Regardless of the person’s needs, these portable warehouses can be customized to meet their demands.  Climate controlled storage spaces allow for the maintenance of your most prized possessions keeping them in perfect condition.  This is even better for technical equipment that loses validity when weathered by the elements of nature.  If a company is looking to expand current facilities, the extra storage space can provide a great working area that can accommodate any purpose.

Maybe one does not need a huge warehouse to store equipment or to operate a portion of a business.  Instead maybe a single family is just looking for a simple canopy to protect an item or shelter their family from the weather.  Either way, there is a simple solution with Shelter Structures, Inc.  They understand the needs of all people and with the technology and cost efficient sheltering, they can fit their product into any lifestyle to make life just a little bit better.  They can provide a temporary shelter that can easily be moved or a more permanent structure that one can use for years with confidence.  Shelter Structures, Inc.  has come leaps and bounds over their competition providing a energy efficient, cost efficient solution to everyday problems.


FAQ about Tension Fabric Structures

July 27th, 2012

What types of materials are used in tension fabric structures?


Our fabric structures use galvanized steel tools.  Each rod is galvanized to maintain durability.  We use this for the framing to keep our structures reliable for decades.  The fabric can be customized to fit your needs.  You can choose from a 16 oz. fabric to a 32 oz. depending on what is right for your company.


What sizes do these shelters come in?

Each shelter is customized to fit your need.  We also have pre-engineered buildings that can help you in a hurry.  Based on the space available, we can construct the shelter as big as you want.  The structures can be changed should you find yourself needing more space later down the road.



How long does installation take?


You have three options when it comes to installation.  Depending on your time frame, you can choose to construct it yourself, use your people to install it with our experienced installer by your side, or have it completed for you.  Due to the varying sizes in structures, it can take hours or days.


How much is a structure?

A lot goes into account when determining the price of these structures.  Installation, size, and material are the biggest factors in estimating the cost.  There is a structure for every budget.


What types of companies use these structures?

There are many types of applications for tension fabric structures.  Families can find a need in them as well as military bases.  Construction companies, manufacturing facilities, and marine companies are just a few of the industries that find our storage structures of great use.


Will these structures protect my equipment?

Yes, they are made to withstand top winds as well as many other elements thrown at them.  They are tested and backed by many well-known organizations.  Regardless of your needs, the structures can be customized to include doors and locks so that your equipment is protected at the highest level.


How long do they last?

Our structures are built to last.  The galvanized frames are meant to withstand decades of use in any condition.  We know you will be satisfied for years to come.


Ok, I think I’m convinced.  How do I order?

You can speak with one of our professional customer service agents by calling 1-800-330-9294.  If you are a local from Pennsylvania, you can call us at 267-239-5906.  We will gladly consult with you on your customized fabric structure.


Fabric Covered Buildings: Weatherproof and Cost-Effective

July 26th, 2012

The need for fabric covered buildings is greater than ever as times are changing.  Industrial applications use it to protect their equipment, disaster relief groups are great for providing a shelter when there is none, military bases request it to store major tools for the country, and families use it to socialize.  In all ways, there is a need for fabric covered buildings in some aspect.


Multi-Use Applications

Our fabric buildings can provide weather protection or containment solutions for virtually any type of location anywhere in the world. Our portable warehouse shelters are currently used at airports, factories, marine yards, construction sites, quarries, convention centers, playgrounds, and water treatment plants.


Company Applications

With any ever growing economy, the need for more room comes at a price sometimes.  It doesn’t always have to be the case as Shelter Structures, Inc.  works to accommodate any company with their storage facilities.  The fabric storage buildings are a great way to remedy the need for more space in a cost efficient way.  This aviation fabric shelter can administer a set up that allows a once outdoor space transformed into a more usable indoor business operation.  A business can use the area to expand and focus on more growth and profit without breaking the bank.


Disaster Relief

As the country has grown through many natural disasters that devastate family’s homes and leave them homeless, organizations can now make a quick set up with temporary shelters to handle the temporary placement of these families.  They can also use these for the intake of people coming through during a chaotic time helping give a safe environment for many.  These temporary shelters are a quick fix until the families are able to regroup and rebuild their homes.


No matter what one’s need is for fabric covered buildings, Shelter Structures, Inc. has the solution for any problem.  The fabric on the structures creates the perfect elimination of exposure to the weather.  They also come in customized options that allow for any budget so anyone can have the luxury of utilizing a nice space for their needs.  The company uses modern day technology to make their product a great application  to be used by many and at a great price.


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