Fabric Covered Buildings: Weatherproof and Cost-Effective

The need for fabric covered buildings is greater than ever as times are changing.  Industrial applications use it to protect their equipment, disaster relief groups are great for providing a shelter when there is none, military bases request it to store major tools for the country, and families use it to socialize.  In all ways, there is a need for fabric covered buildings in some aspect.


Multi-Use Applications

Our fabric buildings can provide weather protection or containment solutions for virtually any type of location anywhere in the world. Our shelters are currently used at airports, factories, marine yards, construction sites, quarries, convention centers, playgrounds and water treatment plants.


Company Applications

With any ever growing economy, the need for more room comes at a price sometimes.  It doesn’t always have to be the case as Shelter Structures, Inc.  works to accommodate any company with their storage facilities.  The fabric storage buildings are a great way to remedy the need for more space in a cost efficient way.  They can administer a set up that allows a once outdoor space transformed into a more usable indoor business operation.  A business can use the area to expand and focus on more growth and profit without breaking the bank.


Disaster Relief

As the country has grown through many natural disasters that devastate family’s homes and leave them homeless, organizations can now make a quick set up with temporary shelters to handle the temporary placement of these families.  They can also use these for the intake of people coming through during a chaotic time helping give a safe environment for many.  These temporary shelters are a quick fix until the families are able to regroup and rebuild their homes.


No matter what one’s need is for fabric covered buildings, Shelter Structures, Inc. has the solution for any problem.  The fabric on the structures creates the perfect elimination of exposure to the weather.  They also come in customized options that allow for any budget so anyone can have the luxury of utilizing a nice space for their needs.  The company uses modern day technology to make their product a great application  to be used by many and at a great price.

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