What are Clear Span Buildings?

August 25th, 2012

There are two basic types of buildings with one the pole type and the other a clear span. The pole type of building is one that uses one or more poles to stabilize the ceiling. This means that the areas where poles are located have blockages. Clear span buildings do not have ceiling poles and instead are constructed so no poles are needed. With this type of building, there is more overall area because there are no poles. The majority of these types of buildings are temporary and they come in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Common Uses

There are many uses for clear span buildings, because they are so versatile and allow for so much more extra space. Because of their temporary nature, they can be set up just about anywhere that there is enough space for them.

The following are some of the common uses:

  • Athletic Facilities
  • Waste Management
  • Temporary Warehouses
  • Equestrian Events
  • Small Aircraft Hangar
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Decontamination Center

Strength and Durability

These temporary buildings are extremely versatile because they do have so much open space. There is nothing blocking any part of the interior like poles. Not only can this type of temporary structure offer a variety of uses, but they also can be in just about any size. Even very large buildings are constructed in a way that there is plenty of support for the ceiling without using poles. This means that there is no compromise in stability or overall interior area.


installation of a clear span building will be done by our professionals at shelter structures so you don't have to waste man power Installation can be a bit time consuming but should never take more than six weeks. While this is a temporary structure, it does have to be put together properly. This should only be installed by professionals who have had training in this type of construction. The average Joe would not have the knowledge of the complicated steps that have to be taken to ensure safety codes are met. Once the installation is complete, the building will stand until it is dismantled by the same professionals.

Clear span buildings are a great way to get extra space without worrying about poles being the way of activities. This makes these types of buildings very versatile and they can be used for a wide variety of different events. They are temporary but do need to be installed by professionals because of the intricate nature of the structure and the safety of the users.


Options for Utilizing a Fabric Covered Building

August 24th, 2012

A fabric covered building is a temporary structure that can offer relief from the elements as well as a clean area for work.  You choose the size you want and they can be installed in as little as four weeks, depending on the size.  These buildings can be used for any length of time and are water resistant so any items that are inside are fully protected.

Security Areas

Any place you need to have an area for either security checks or where your security team needs to have a temporary shelter, the fabric covered building is ideal.  Even if you only need a small security building at a check point, these fit the bill perfectly.  There may be times when a company is working on a project that needs to be kept top secret.  A secure area such as this can keep the competitors from stealing new ideas from your company.

Concrete Pours

There are times when laying a foundation or pouring other types of concrete has to be done during inclement weather.  Using a temporary structure is the best way to keep rain or snow away from the concrete.  Concrete must be cured properly or it cracks and is not stable.  For this reason, covering the pour area can help to maintain the stability that is needed.

a fabric covered building is perfect for security, concrete pours, temporary warehouse space, and much moreTemporary Warehouse

A temporary warehouse is a great option when a company is holding a sale or when production is higher than normal and more space is needed.  A fabric covered building is the perfect choice as they are cost effective and can be used for any length of time.  It is expensive to build an entire new building for temporary use.  Not all companies have the space for building but a parking lot can be easily converted into a temporary structure.

A fabric covered building is an ideal choice for those times when a company needs to have a temporary shelter.  They can be used to create a security area where inspections can be conducted or they can cover a concrete pour to ensure proper curing.  They can also be used as a temporary warehouse when extra space is needed.  There are a wide variety of uses for temporary structures of any size.  All your company has to do is place an order with enough time for the structure to be installed, typically four to six weeks is needed.


The Benefits of Security Shelters

August 23rd, 2012

security is an important part of your job site and a security structure from shelter structures makes it easy Anytime there is a risk for items being stolen, or where vehicles or anything else needs to be searched for security reasons, security shelters offer a safe place to do this.  Not all locations that need to be secured have buildings around that can be used.  Border checks and other areas tend to be on the outskirts of cities and municipalities so a shelter may not be readily available.  There are temporary shelters that can be used and dismantled when they are not needed or if they need to be moved.

Border Check Points

Many states have checkpoints to make sure that fruits and illegal pets are not being transported across state lines.  California is well known for their border check points.  While the main freeways tend to have permanent locations, the border patrol frequently sets up at a temporary place. A temporary shelter allows the border patrol to be able to pack up and move from location to location without worrying about finding a new shelter where they can conduct searches.

On a Construction Site

Construction equipment can be worth tens of thousands of dollars and if just one piece is stolen it can mean the end of work until it is replaced.  Temporary security shelters offer protection for the equipment so that it is not in view of potential thieves.  At the end of the day, simply store all the equipment in the shelter.  This gets it out of site and just one security guard can watch it all and you know that it will be safe until work starts again.

Vehicle Storage

Many times car dealerships, used or new, need an extra area to store an overflow of cars.  It is not always safe to just park them on the street or even in an open parking lot.  Since these shelters can be custom made to any size, you can order one that is large enough for all the overflow of cars.  This keeps them out of the elements and away from potential thieves.  Again, it only takes one security guard to ensure that the vehicles are not compromised in any way.

There are so many uses for security shelters; they make sense for those areas where a temporary or even a permanent shelter is needed.  They can be used at border checks, construction sites or even at a car dealership where more interior space is needed for storing vehicles.  They can be ordered to the size that is needed and installation is done for you.


A Steel Shelter: Temporary or Permanent?

August 22nd, 2012

steel structures are useful as temporary or permanent structures for your job site Many people think that a steel shelter is meant to be a permanent shelter from the elements and where work can be conducted.  While this is true in some cases, temporary shelters can also be made of steel.  They are installed where needed and then removed when they are no longer in use.  This is much more cost-effective than having a permanent building set up that is only to be used for a short amount of time.

Permanent Shelters

There may come a time when your company is expanding and you need more storage space but building a new structure is not cost effective.  You may also have a lack of space to build on and where a shelter would make more sense.  A temporary steel shelter can be placed on an existing parking lot or even in a field where there is room for one.

The permitting is much different for a shelter than for constructing a complete building, so this allows the shelter to be constructed much quicker.  Ground does not have to be broken and these shelters are installed for you so all you have to do is order it.  All you have to do is allow four to six weeks for installation and the rest is done for you.  At the end of the day, you could not build a full expansion building in six weeks so the timeline makes more sense too.

Temporary Shelters

Perhaps you do not need to have a permanent steel shelter, but you just need one for a short amount of time.  It is not practical to build an entire building for temporary use.  Having a temporary shelter installed is much more cost effective and allows you to use it when you need it.  They can be installed at work sites or anywhere your company may have need of one.  You can order them to the size you need and installation is always done for you.

Whether you need a permanent or a temporary steel shelter, you can have one custom made for your purposes and get it installed within a short amount of time.  It is much more cost effective for all parties involved and a shelter will be installed much quicker than a new building could be erected.  At the end of the day, it makes more sense to use a shelter that is installed than to go through the building process.


Temporary Construction Shelters Keep the Jobsite Safe

August 21st, 2012

Many times construction sites are not in an area where there is a great deal of other traffic because they are outside of the cities or towns.  Because of this, equipment can be at risk due to the lack of security or the area that the construction site is located.  Temporary construction shelters keep the jobsite safe and offer a place where workers can get out of the elements.  They can be custom made to any size so that even the largest construction sites can have the equipment placed inside during off work hours.

Equipment Protection

The equipment used in construction is very expensive and if it is not protected, it can be stolen or damaged by vandals.  When you use a temporary construction shelter, it allows for a safe place where the equipment can be stored at the end of the day to keep it safe.  It is also much easier for any security personnel to keep protect one area rather than policing equipment that is all over a large area.

Protection from the Elements

bad weather doesn't mean your job can wait you need a temporary shelter structure to protect your workers and your equipment from the elements Construction does not wait for weather or the elements.  When there is a deadline, the job has to be done no matter what is happening with the weather.  Utilizing temporary construction shelters allows for an area where the equipment that is not being used can be stored without being left out in bad weather.  It is also a great place for workers to be able to take a break and get warm or dry.  This is very important because employees who take sick leave can cost a company a great deal of money.  When they have a place to get warm and dry, they are less likely to become ill from working in bad weather.

Full Installation

When renting one of these shelters, the installation is done for you.  You do not have to worry about pulling manpower from the job in order to get the shelter set up.  Your crews can continue working while the installation is being conducted.  When the job is done, the shelter is removed for you.  You simply order the shelter, let the company know how long you need it and the rest is done for you.

Temporary construction shelters make sense for all the right reasons.  They protect not only your equipment but provide a place where workers can get out of the elements during bad weather.  When there is expensive equipment and workers you need on the site to consider, it only makes sense to have one installed at every job site.