How Portable Structures Can Help You Expand Your Business

September 25th, 2012

portable warehouses are perfect for storage for your manufacturing businessIt’s great when a business is growing in a difficult economy.  However, you still focus on cost savings and making sound financial decisions to protect your business even if it’s successful.  One of the challenges in a profitable business is where you find extra storage as your business expands without the cost of constructing a new facility.  One cost-effective option is using portable structures.

With portable buildings, you can add them to your current facility at a fraction of the cost of building a permanent storage solution.  They also take much less time to set up and will quickly be ready to use, which can be an important consideration if you need the space now.

Temporary or Permanent Use

Even though these are called portable structures, they can be used for long-term.  Made of steel frames and industrial strength materials, the structures made by Shelter Structures can become a permanent storage solution for your manufacturing business.

They come in different sizes and designs and can be used to store raw materials or the finished product.  You can also set them up to provide protection from the weather at the loading dock.  Depending on your needs, you can get a simple canopy or a fully-enclosed structure to protect items from the weather.

Besides use as a storage facility, you can also use them as additional work space.  These structures have various climate-control options and can serve as a manufacturing area for workers when you need the extra space.  The material allows light in while protecting the nearby area from loud manufacturing sounds.  This can be an essential consideration if you are surrounded by other industries or businesses.

Equipment Storage

As your business expands, you will need to buy more equipment.  You may need a new forklift or tractor, along with other equipment needs for added manufacturing.  Instead of also spending money for space to store this equipment, you can use the portable structures to protect your equipment without spending the money to construct a building.

With a manufacturing business, you will find numerous ways to use your structure.  Choosing a portable building will save you money that you can invest in other areas of your business.  You can buy just the size you need for the moment instead of building something large enough to accommodate future needs.  In a tight economy, making wise decisions like how to add storage space can make your business successful.


Protect Your Supplies with Tensioned Fabric Structures

September 24th, 2012

tension fabric structures can make your business life easierShelter Structures is able to accommodate a variety of industrial construction projects, such as mine work, bridge work, energy field projects, and defense projects. For remote location projects like these, you have to find ways to provide cost-effective storage on-site.  Damaged or ruined materials result in a large monetary loss as well as lost time.  Tensioned fabric structures are an ideal storage solution for remote construction sites.

Protect Your Supplies and Equipment

With tensioned fabric structures, you can keep supplies on hand while protecting them from the weather.  The fabric is designed to keep moisture out and prevent mold while keeping supplies close by for immediate use.  Now workers won’t have to wait for supplies to arrive before they can continue with their project.

If you are worried about security, you can even get hard siding to keep unwanted visitors out of your equipment area.  It also protects you from potential problems and prevents an unauthorized person from getting injured on your equipment.

Cost Savings

Portable structures can save you money and increase profits on large scale or remote construction projects.  Instead of investing in a permanent building that will only be used for a short time, you can save money with a temporary structure.  You also have the convenience of moving it within the job site as the work progresses.  Once the job is complete, you can take it to the next location.

Since these structures allow plenty of natural light in, you do not have to pay for utility costs when they are used as a workspace.  Tensioned fabric buildings keep your supplies and equipment on-site and available for use while protecting them from water and mold damage.

You also get time saving benefits if the materials are always available and workers don’t have to spend time transporting supplies to the location.  Workers can use the structure as workspace for small jobs during inclement weather.  This can keep a job on track to finish on time; this saves you money from paying late delivery penalties.

Shelter structures are designed to work in a variety of environments.  You can use them in dry, desert areas or rainy tropical locations and they will withstand the elements.  This versatility makes them the perfect solution for a large construction projects.

Tensioned fabric structures can be a great temporary solution for remote construction projects that are looking for storage facilities or work spaces while being cost-efficient.


Portable Aircraft Hangars Helping Military

September 23rd, 2012

Aircraft Hangars


aircraft hangars for us military

Since World War 1, aviation has played a huge role in warfare as well as in keeping the peace. Over the years, many things have changed in the aviation field, including the construction of aircraft hangars and how they are deployed to the field. Shelter Structures has been providing our military with high-quality shelters for their airplanes and helicopters and for the people who work on those planes and choppers.

In the old days, if a unit needed any type of aircraft hangars they basically had to build one out of brick, wood, or some other material. This, of course, was expensive and time-consuming. Another drawback to a fixed structure is that troops could not take it with them when they left the area. The structure, regardless of cost, had to stay behind. Then, a better solution came along.

With the advent of high-strength fabrics and quality metal tubing, portable aircraft hangars became a possibility. As these unique structures were developed and refined over the years, they came to a point where they are now as reliable as solid structures and much more flexible in terms of use and site deployment than older buildings ever were. These new, modern portable shelters protect valuable equipment from the elements and from spying eyes as well. They also protect the men and women who work inside of them.

Portable Aircraft Hangars for Military

It is a known fact that in Iraq and Afghanistan, and many other parts of the world where our troops are deployed, the outside temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees. By working under a quality shelter that provides both ventilation and shade, temperatures within the shelter can be dramatically reduced, giving our men and women a more comfortable environment to work in. Helping our troops, who are already pressed, by providing top-quality shaded shelters is just one of the ways Shelter Structures is giving back to those who have so justly earned it.

It is also a well known fact that in many parts of the world where our troops are located sand and dust are real problems when it comes to keeping airplanes, jets, and choppers in top working order. Sand and dust are easily blown around on the wind and this material can, and does, get into vital parts of engines causing dangerous conditions if not corrected. When quality aircraft hangars are set up, dust and sand reduction can be dramatic to say the least. This helps to keep equipment up and running and helps to keep pilots and crews safe from unexpected accidents and mishaps, both of which are common when debris gets into engines.


Invest in a Steel Shelter for Repair Work

September 22nd, 2012

steel shelters are perfect to keep your boats safe As a business that repairs and stores boats, you know the importance of having a secure area with plenty of room to work.  You need a steel shelter for safety, but it can often be expensive to install permanent structures.  With portable steel structures, you get the benefit of durability without the expense.

How a Portable Structure Can Help Your Business

A portable structure is easy to set up and costs much less than building a permanent building.  You can purchase just the size you need now and add on as your business grows.  These portable structures are designed to be lengthened as needed.  You can get a customized option with Shelter Structures to select the features you want and not pay for any you don’t need.

These structures are built to be sturdy with galvanized steel tubes for the frame to withstand most natural weather conditions.  The industrial strength fabric keeps out moisture so you can protect the boats in your storage and work in a dry area while making repairs.

You can choose to add end walls and windows as well as insulation to make it warmer or cooler for working.  Another benefit with these structures is they allow you to take your work to the boat site.  You can lift them with a crane and transport them on a barge to where a boat is disabled.  This makes it easier to do repair work on-site while being protected from the elements of nature.

A steel shelter is also ideal for storing supplies and equipment you need for repairs.  It is secure and protected from the weather while being kept at a convenient location.  This is a valuable solution if you make repairs at multiple locations.

Added Space as Your Business Grows

Even if you have a permanent building for your boat storage and repairs, you can use a portable structure as you expand your company.  Instead of paying the cost of constructing a new building or adding on to your current one, you can use these portable structures to add more area and fit in extra boats.  This is a great solution if your business is busier during certain times of the year.  You aren’t required to invest in permanent space that is not needed during the off-season.

A portable steel shelter is a cost-effective solution for small or large-sized marine storage and repair businesses.  It provides a great way to add storage without adding additional expense.


How Portable Temporary Shelters Can Meet Your Needs

September 21st, 2012

If you want to save money and time for your business while working on a short-term or long-term project, consider portable temporary shelters.  These shelters take less time to set up and involve less cost than building a traditional shelter.

Many Uses of Portable Temporary Shelters

portable temporary shelters are instrumental in keeping your worksite safe These shelters can be used to store equipment or supplies from the weather or to serve as a storage area.  They can also be used to contain an area to keep civilians away from dangerous items.

You can choose from numerous designs to fit your purpose.  With a roof and open sides, you get easy access while maintaining supplies in a central location.  If you need protection from the weather, you can choose a temporary shelter that has all sides enclosed.

Benefits of Temporary Shelters

One of the best benefits is the amount of time it takes to have these in place and ready to use.  With Shelter Structures, you can place a call and within a few days, the shelter will be delivered and set up.  This is ideal if you will be starting a job or project quickly and need shelter for your supplies on site.

Another advantage to portable temporary shelters is that they are easy to take down and move to a new location.  If your project is vast and long-term, you made need the flexibility to move your equipment around to different sites.

The biggest reason to use this type of storage for a business is the cost savings.  You save money on the labor it would take to build a traditional structure as well as the cost of materials involved.  This is a more cost-effective solution if you only need a shelter for a few weeks or months.

These structures are also designed to be safe so you don’t have to worry about injuries or damage resulting from collapse.  The frames are made of galvanized steel tubes to be sturdy and secure. The industrial grade fabric also protects your equipment and supplies from weather damage.

Businesses today are looking for ways to save money when they are working on projects.  The cost of supplies and labor keep increasing and cut into your profits.  You have to find other ways to reduce your expenses even if they are not as obvious.  This is why temporary shelters can save you money while protecting you from the loss of equipment or supplies.


Family Owned, Premier Custom Fabric Structures

September 19th, 2012

Tensioned Fabric Building

Tensioned fabric buildings are:

  • Mobile – wherever the job is, they can go.
  • Don’t need permits.
  • Custom Designed to fit any height, width or length.
  • Stronger. We allow for 20’ truss spacing and use galvanized A325 structural grade bolts.
  • Corrosion Protection. All base plates, connection plates and tabs are hot dipped galvanized to prevent rusting.
  • Longer fabric life. Our shelters are designed to have the fabric tensioned along the length and sides of our shelters to stop billowing.

Engineered Drawings Available. Our drawings can be stamped and signed by an engineer licensed in your state.