How Temporary Structures Can Save Your Company Money

October 26th, 2012

temporary buildingsIt can be tough running a profitable business these days. This can be especially true in certain industries such as project management. In today’s economy, construction business owners have to make every dollar count. But, they still have to get the job done properly, on time, and on budget. They also have the added responsibility of protecting their employees as best they can. One way to save money and help protect employees is to use temporary shelters.

These structures can be used for a variety of purposes. They are excellent options for those who need to protect against theft or vandalism on the job site. They are also excellent options for those who need to store tools, equipment, supplies and materials away from the elements. Quality structures can also be used to contain debris caused by sandblasting. They can also be used to help dampen noise for those jobs where loud noise may disturb the residents in the area. And these are just a few of the many purposes that temporary shelters can be used for effectively.

As a way of protecting crews, these structures can be installed to keep workers out of direct sunlight during extreme heat days. They can also be used during very cold weather to keep workers out of wind chill conditions. When business owners use these structures, their employees appreciate it and this can increase morale which is a very rewarding experience.

Temporary structures can also be erected as maintenance posts. This allows vehicles and other types of equipment that is in need of repair to be serviced on-site rather than having to have the vehicle or equipment transported to another location. This can save any business owner a lot of money as equipment breakdown is often a major issue owners have to deal with on a daily basis. Because these structures use natural light, filtered through a special membrane, energy cost go down as well, while workers inside are still able to see what they doing quite well.

Because these structures are so versatile and durable, they can be used for just about any purpose a construction business may have in mind. From acting as portable fabrication shops to being used for vehicle wash rack enclosures, they can do it all. Best of all, they are very affordable and are available in a wide variety of sizes. For those who wish to know more, visit to see just how versatile and useful these cost-effective structures can be to the construction business owner.


Top 10 Most Famous Buildings and Structures – Infographic

October 24th, 2012

Fun Fact of the Day!

We thought it was interesting to find the top 10 most famous buildings. Have you ever been to the number one most famous — The Eiffel Tower? If you are afraid of heights you may want to rethink going all the way up, but wow is it enchanting! If you are ever in Paris, there is no other romantic place than the top of the Eiffel Tower at night, over looking the sparkling city.


ShelterStructures Staff
10 Most Famous Buildings and Structures - Infographic


The Importance of Security Shelters in Today’s Business Environment

October 17th, 2012

Security Shelters

security sheltersAs global tensions rise, and acts of violence increase, more and more US businesses are becoming aware of their own need for increased protection. Their concern is not only to protect their employees, but also their property and assets. But how do they provide increased protection in a cost-effective manner? Security shelters are good options.

To show how effective these structures can be, the US Department of Homeland Security has installed very cost-effective alternative-tensioned fabric structures at many border crossings. Some of these structures were installed by Shelter Structures, Inc. To date, these structures have proven to be reliable, safe, and effective. They can do the same for businesses.

Security shelters can be designed for any number of purposes. They can be ordered in a variety of sizes to fit any need and space requirement. Smaller units can be installed which are large enough to allow for entrance of passenger cars for inspection before entry onto the premises; other units are large enough to allow large commercial trucks inside. And, of course, there are units that fall in-between these sizes. The interior working space of these units is often under-appreciated. These units provide a great deal of open area in which to work, inspect, or use as admin areas.

Having this added level of protection does not have to cost a lot. Companies such Shelter Structures, Inc. offer a wide variety of units to fit most budgets. These units can be customized to fit any need and they are all made of high-quality material that will last for years. Units can be installed usually within 4 to 6 weeks and at completion of installation are fully functional and ready to perform.

security shelters

Because these structures are made of high-quality fabric and superior metal tubing, they can be erected in less time than traditional buildings and do not have the disadvantage of being permanently set in place. Should a company wish to dismantle the structure to move it or to replace it, de-construction costs are a fraction of what it would cost to demolish a traditional building. An added bonus is that the structure is still usable, which is something no demolished building can say. Generally speaking, the installation of security shelters does not require permits.

If your company is looking for an effective way to increase protection on-site, consider having high-quality security shelters. Dollar for dollar, these are some of the best options that are currently available to businesses, and they offer a whole host of benefits that traditional buildings cannot match.