Top Advantages of Hardside Structures

February 28th, 2013

hardside structures from shelter structures Hardside structures are an exciting new innovation in shelters, available only through Structure Shelters. As a sturdy and long-lasting structure, they offer a variety of excellent advantages.

What are a few of the benefits of installing hardside structures?

An eco-friendly option

With the concerns about our environment, these structures are also eco-friendly allowing your company to stay in line with its efforts to go green. Many customers specifically look for businesses who care about our planet, which may even help increase sales.

The structures have energy saving properties due to their translucent fabric, and even their construction is eco-friendly with recycled steel and a minimal carbon footprint created during manufacturing, transportation and installation.

Heavy-duty applications

Hardside structures were created to withstand the toll that heavy use or even the most extreme weather elements can take. Their design offers the sturdy benefits of metal with the translucent benefits a fabric roof – developed to meet the needs of customers seeking a less flexible structure.

These, and all Shelter Structures, were built to last with only the highest quality materials employed.

Ability to be outfitted with desired accessories

These sturdy structures are an ideal cost-effective shelter option with the added benefit of the ability to be outfitted with any commercially available accessories you may need such as lighting, doors and even heating and air-conditioning.

With many of the benefits a standard structure provides at just a fraction of the cost, these structures are the perfect way to open a business on a limited budget or for many other uses in which finances are a major factor. Just one example, is the disaster-ravaged nation of Haiti, where they are using the structure to house a post office.

Shelter Structures is currently the only company offering hardside structures. They are available in a variety of colors and are an exclusive addition to their other popular high quality shelters.  Contact Shelter Structures today to find out how they can benefit your business and even increase your bottom line.


The Many Uses for Construction Shelters

February 27th, 2013

construction shelters have many different uses Constructions shelters can be utilized by many different types of businesses; available in a wide variety of sizes and can even be constructed specifically to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you need a towering structure built ten-stories tall or something created to meet a specific width, height or length, Shelter Structures can provide the ideal construction shelter for your organization.

What type of company uses construction shelters and what are some of their many applications?

Construction companies

One of the most common uses for these shelters includes construction companies seeking an option to house their machinery, tools and workspace. As they can be easily moved from work site to work site, the shelters are both convenient and cost-effective.

With a heavy-duty fabric cover, the shelters serve to protect expensive equipment as well as employees from harsh outdoor elements in addition to safely securing inventory after the work day is done. With the importance of the need for construction, concrete and aggregate producers to ensure the product stays dry on the jobsite, construction shelters offer the ideal option – eliminating the risk of water or mold damage.

Military uses

The United States military also makes use of construction shelters. They are able to repair high-dollar airplanes, vehicles and equipment underneath their protective cover to avoid exposing them to undesirable weather conditions.

These shelters are also utilized by the military and many other companies to safely store hazardous materials as a containment shelter, dry dock covers and oil and gas tank shelters. They’ve even been used during Iraqi missions with their portability allowing for a quick take down and rebuild at the next location.

Of course the uses for construction shelters are practically unlimited. They can be customized to meet specific sizes and a wide range of needs, offering a ton of versatility including convenient options like the slide curtain that allows equipment to be moved in and out easily – or closed shut to keep out inclement weather.

Discuss your needs with Shelter Structures – no matter how big or small your requirements are, the ideal shelter can be customized to your exact specifications.


Shelter Structures Serves to Protect and House Military Aircraft

February 26th, 2013

shelter sturcutres offer aircraft canopies Shelter Structures has contributed to the success of companies across the nation with a variety of high quality shelters and even aircraft canopies that have been created to meet the challenging needs of many businesses as well as the U.S. military.

Their outstanding reputation has come through years of consulting, designing and building numerous structures that have protected high-dollar equipment, vehicles as well as the important individuals who volunteer their services or are employed to utilize, perform repairs or keep them maintained.

Meridian, Mississippi Naval Air Station

The U.S. military is just one of the many clients Shelter Structures has helped by providing numerous types of shelters over the years for training space, equipment repair and storage. The shelters offer protection from the weather while being portable, durable as well as quickly and easily installed.

With the need to protect military aircraft worth millions of dollars, Shelter Structures, was asked to create shelters to protect these expensive vessels for the Meridian, Mississippi Naval Air Station. NAS Meridian had 54 T-45 aircraft that required cover on a tarmac with limited space.

As per usual protocol, they asked for bids from a variety of companies on 54 buildings as well as the relocation of 10 structures that had been on the site since 2006 in order to make room for them.

As an innovative company in providing cost-effective solutions, Shelter Structures provided an answer that would maximize tarmac space while being surprisingly cost effective at the same time. By designing 18 triple-wide canopies instead of 54 individual aircraft canopies that required ten feet of space between them, this solution allowed three aircraft per structure – ultimately reducing their anticipated footprint and saving quite a bit of money as well as time.

Shelter Structures can meet and exceed even the most challenging needs

These aircraft canopies were designed and installed with the specific and often difficult needs of the U.S. military taken into consideration. With the ability to meet and exceed such strict requirements, just imagine what Shelter Structures can do for your business.

You don’t need to have a project or site as the big as the U.S. Navy in order to make use of a quality shelter- most any size or type of business can reap their benefits as an affordable, cost effective shelter option.