Temporary Buildings Solves Small Shelter Problems

March 16th, 2013

Need a Smaller Shelter? How a Temporary Building Provides the Best Solution

Small SheltersNo matter what your needs are, when it comes to shelters, a temporary building such as the WeatherBlock Shelter offered by Shelter Structures can provide an excellent lower cost alternative. There are few cases these days where budget is not a consideration, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner.

Providing years of use made of quality materials, the structures range in size from 12’ to 36’ wide and are built using sturdy, single tube construction, ideal for smaller projects. If you need a door, there are several options, including Zippers, Track Curtain or Steel. Skylights can also be incorporated for extra light.

With no property or tax or building permits required, this provides even more cost savings, and with no foundation needed, it is erected quickly as well. Instead, there are anchoring systems attached to the shelter to local ground condition, designed to withstand even high winds and other extreme elements.

Homeowner applications

For the homeowner, a temporary building often provides the best answer for a small shelter for a number of uses. Just a few include:

  • Temporary extra living space for an elderly parent or adult child.
  • Storage for expensive lawn equipment for those without a garage or enough room in the one they have. The structure can also prevent theft and protect items from the elements.
  • Storing items during renovations and remodeling.
  • Use as an artist studio or work shop, storing supplies as well as containing the mess these projects tend to make.

Business applications

There are also a wide variety of business applications that can make excellent use of a temporary building, including:

  • The busy season. Many companies run into a situation due to an overflow of products during peak seasons such as the holidays. With a temporary increase in production extra space is needed to safely store products and to occasionally provide extra workspace as well. It doesn’t typically make much financial sense to erect a permanent building when space is needed only during certain time periods.
  • If you need a temporary building to perform security checks, these structures fit the bill perfectly. They can also be used for staff who may be working on top-secret projects as a secure area to avoid theft of ideas.

No matter what your needs for shelter, large or small, Shelter Structures is likely to have the ideal option.


Shelters for Buildings

March 15th, 2013

The Wide Range of Uses for Building Shelters

shelter sturcutres offer aircraft canopiesIn this economy, one of the most important factors in many business decisions is cost. Whether you’re a construction company with high-dollar equipment that needs to be protected from the elements, an organization looking for extra storage space for expensive inventory or to house employees, building shelters that are made of fabric and can be easily moved offers an outstanding value at a fraction of the cost of conventional building.

Fabric structures can be customized to meet a wide variety of specific requirements to maximize space and if expansion is needed later, it’s easy to quickly attach to the already existing structure. These buildings are easily moved making them a great option for frequent project re-locations.

What are some of the uses of building shelters other organizations have utilized?

Gable style shelters such as Shelter Structures SSG design are one of the most popular, offering great versatility as well as economy.


Warehousing of expensive equipment such as machinery and tools used by construction companies offers excellent protection from extreme outdoor elements with the use of a heavy-duty fabric cover. Employees needing extra work space or a temporary shelter from harsh weather are also protected from being exposed.

Materials and equipment must stay dry or risk water and mold damage, and building shelters like these can offer an excellent cost-effective way to ensure this. A wide variety of manufacturing and other companies often need a place to store inventory until it is shipped out, making these shelters the perfect solution for that as well.

Military applications

The U.S. military has also made use of building shelters for repairing expensive aircraft and other equipment without exposing them to the elements. Military, industrial companies and others have utilized them to safely store hazardous materials or for oil and gas tank covers.

With massively sized equipment that requires high clearance, the Shelter Structures SSG30 design allows for sufficient space. With a 30-degree slope they can also withstand incredibly substantial snow loads, making them ideal for the regions of the country that are often hit the hardest in winter storms.

Whatever your needs are for a shelter, Shelter Structures has the ability to design and install a shelter that will meet even the most challenging requirements.


The Limitless Uses for Portable Fabric Structures

March 14th, 2013

Why Consider Portable Fabric Structures?

workstation coverPortable fabric structures can provide an excellent solution for a variety of applications.  While many are familiar with their use in construction projects, easily moved from job site to job site as a mobile, convenient shelter, an easily movable structure offers many benefits and applications.

Temporary projects

As a modular structure, these portable buildings can be as large or small as necessary to fit the space requirements of a specific project instead of erecting a permanent fixture that may not have as many uses in the future while costing quite a bit more too.

If there is a need for shelter in different locations of a jobsite, it’s easy to split a portable fabric structure

in two so that an additional building does not have to erected, providing another excellent cost savings option.

Exhibition shelters

Portable fabric structures are ideal for providing a relocatable building with a comfortable environment for staff as well as perspective clients and guests. Some of their exhibition uses include:

  • A temporary, traveling art gallery
  • Covered walkway
  • Museum exhibits
  • Memorabilia sales
  • Holding autograph sessions for athletes and other celebrities

These structures are also energy efficient, utilizing translucent fabric that allows natural light in. If there are any security concerns, optional hard sides can address these issues as well.

Small business

If you have a small business that is from your home, portable fabric structures are ideal to use as an office space or as a studio for artists and photographers who have a need to protect valuable equipment as well as a need for privacy.

These structures offer extra space without obstruction like you’ll find with other types that may have center and side supports. Instead, their weight is held by the side and upper areas of the shelter so that all of this wide open space can be utilized.

As an eco-friendly, cost-savings construction, utilizing portable fabric structures makes sense for a wide variety of uses. Shelter Structures can customize one or more specific to your needs, however great they may be.


The Benefits of Utilizing Temporary Structures

March 13th, 2013

Why Utilize Temporary Structures?

temporary mobile sheltersTemporary structures can offer an ideal cost-effective solution in order to safely protect a company’s pricey assets, as additional space to house more employees or inventory and a wide variety of other uses.

Designed based on specific customer needs and built to order, these structures can even accommodate some of the most difficult requests including housing large construction equipment or employees. During emergencies such as a natural disaster, temporary structures can be utilized for displaced victims who need a secure place to stay until they can return home and can even be used for medical staff to care for patients until they can be transported to a standard medical facility.

Cost savings

The huge cost savings is one of the many reasons to choose a fabric shelter.  Temporary structures are a much more cost effective alternative to conventional permanent construction such as metal, brick and steel-framed buildings.  No lighting is required as the fabric is translucent, allowing natural light in and keeping inclement weather and even the intense heat of the sun out, offering an energy efficient solution as well.

You’ll also save time and money as there is no interruption of daily work activities required as with most construction or remodeling projects.

Quick installation

Of course one of the biggest benefits of temporary structures is that they can be erected very quickly. Typically, no foundation is required and they take only a fraction of the time it takes to erect a more permanent structure.

A fabric shelter can be mounted on a wide variety of surfaces including dirt, gravel, asphalt and even concrete. Installation is so easy the customer can even install the shelter using detailed instructions like Shelter Structures provides. It requires no special skills with all of the welding, drilling and other manufacturing steps done at the factory.

Of course, customers can choose to have an experienced installer guide their own crew for the shelter erection or utilize a crew and equipment provided by Shelter Structures for building installation from start to finish.


Fabric Buildings Agaiant Inclement Weather

March 12th, 2013

Will Fabric Buildings Hold Up Under Inclement Weather?

Fabric Buildings in Inclement Wheather Fabric buildings are temporary structures that can be utilized for a wide variety of applications, including storage, protection for expensive equipment, extra space for employees, as emergency shelters and much more. They can also provide relief from the elements including rain, wind, intense heat and even snow.

Potential customers frequently wonder if these fabric buildings will hold up under inclement weather, especially considering the major snow storms that have come through wreaking havoc in several regions of the country.

Shelter Structures’ fabric buildings are able to offer weather protection for virtually any type of location, anywhere in the world. They are engineered to account for heavy snow loads and high wind speeds and can be customized to accommodate the particular needs of nearly any project. If needed, insulation liners can even be added for extra protection against frigid weather.

With shelters made of strong clear-span frames of galvanized steel arches and covered with heavy-duty, weatherproof, reinforced fabric they can withstand a range of performance requirements and are built to last even through the especially challenging conditions.

Higher quality materials = better weather protection

Keep in mind that the higher quality materials used, the better protected your precious assets or staff will be in inclement weather. By choosing coated fabrics instead of laminated fabrics, the building will be able to withstand more and have a longer life span. Strong connections are also crucial for a fabric building to hold up under extreme weather conditions by using galvanized A325 structural grade bolts or similar. Smaller bolts offer lower tensile strength and may not be as durable.

Shelter Structures offers fabric options that range from 16 ounces to 32 ounces and all are coated with either acrylic or PVDF topcoats to not only lengthen the life of the structure by many years but for added protection during the most severe storms.

If you have a unique situation or specific needs, Shelter Structures can customize fabric buildings that will meet your requirements.


3 Great Ways to Make Use of Mobile Shelters

March 2nd, 2013

mobile shelters from shelter structures Mobile shelters aren’t just for construction companies – they can be used for a wide variety of needs as a mobile, portable, convenient and cost effective shelter.

While just about any type of business can benefit from using mobile shelters, they can also meet the needs of a nonprofit organization or even the personal needs of a homeowner.  Here is a look at just three great ways they might be utilized.

Emergency shelter provided through a church or community organization

A church or local community center often provides shelter in emergency situations that can occur during disasters or for families and individuals who find themselves without a place to call home. These shelters are the ideal solution when the current structure doesn’t have enough room to house everyone in need. They offer an almost immediate answer for short-term disaster relief as well as longer term rebuilding efforts.

Shelter for a homeowner’s expensive toys or yard equipment

A homeowner who doesn’t have a garage or has run out of room in the limited space of a standard garage can use it to protect an expensive car, motorcycle, boat or pricey sports equipment. The shelters serve to keep valuable belongings out of the elements, eliminating the risk of damage from inclement weather such as a severe hail storm.

These shelters also allow for storage of lawn and garden equipment in order to maintain a well-kept, appealing yard.

Private space for work or hobbies

Mobile shelters are ideal for use as an artist or photography studio as well as most any type of work shop where privacy is needed to enhance creativity and quality of the job at hand. Items can be stored in the shelter while also providing a space to contain the mess many projects tend to make without bringing it into the home.

There is really no limit as how mobile shelters can be used – whatever your needs, Shelter Structures can provide the right shelter for you.


Benefits of Utilizing a Workstation Cover for Your Business

March 1st, 2013

workstation cover A custom fabric shelter offers a variety of benefits to most any type of business serving as an excellent workstation cover that can protect your workers as well as expensive inventory such as tools, machinery and other equipment.

This is often the most cost-effective way of adding more work space for your business while allowing natural light in and keeping inclement weather including snow, rain, wind and even the intense heat of the sun.

No interruption of work flow

While most construction and remodeling projects require the interruption of daily work activities, by installing a workstation cover, employees can go about their tasks without the frustrating disturbance that can cost the business time and ultimately, money. Time away from productive work can add up to huge financial losses.

Quick installation and long life span

These covers have the ability to be erected quickly – in just a fraction of the time it takes to compared to conventional construction with most requiring little to no foundation. Top quality fabrics used by Shelter Structures allow for a lengthier life span while their ease of portability make them simple to move should it be needed for other uses.

A successful solution to many space and storage problems

Whether you’re running out of workspace for your employees or space to house inventory for a pending order, a workstation cover may be the best solution.

Shelter Structures has successfully installed these covers for many companies as well as the government, including Naval Air Stations, U.S. Army Post Fort Benning and Tully Construction.

With the many different benefits a workstation cover can offer your business, they are an incredible value that can even save your company thousands of dollars. With such great cost and time savings, contacting Shelter Structures may be one of the best decisions you can make.