Temporary Weather Protection Can Be Critical In a Hurricane

April 29th, 2013

temporary weather protectionWith the 2013 hurricane season predicted to be an incredibly active one, and with the memories of Sandy, Irene, and Katrina still fresh in our minds, the importance of shelter during such a time is certainly clear.   These storms can happen in almost any state, and devastating tornadoes and floods in recent years have often come with little warning.  A hurricane can turn in the span of only a couple of hours and can gain strength rapidly, which is why it is critical for governments, both state and local, to have temporary weather protection available for those who need it.

Custom fabric shelters, such as those created by ShelterStructures.com can provide incredible protection against high speed sustained winds, hail, and many other severe weather issues.  Temporary weather protection in the form of fabric shelters is in use all over the world, and with good reason.  Not only is it safe and reliable, but it can be installed quickly, which is paramount in an emergency situation.  Tensioned fabric buildings from Shelter Structures, Inc use ratchets and straps to achieve ideal tension, which offers a far greater level of protection against tears as well as making quick cover repair or replacement a breeze compared to traditional tension rods.

While there are many benefits to having temporary weather protection ready to go in the event of a hurricane, perhaps none are as important as the fact that the buildings can be easily relocated.  In instances like Hurricane Irene, where damage travelled far from the estimated point of impact, relocatable emergency structures could have provided many benefits in some of the hardest hit areas. Safety is paramount during any hurricane or large storm, and the simple fact is that a temporary structure made from the right materials and at the right cost makes it easy for cities and other locales to provide adequate, safe shelter in the event that citizens become displaced or endangered by severe weather.


Security Shelters Provide Many Benefits to Our Men in Uniform

April 28th, 2013

security sheltersWith tensions escalating quickly in North Korea, we are reminded once again of how quickly our servicemen and women can be called into duty. Service to our country is one of the most admirable things a young soldier can do, and here at Shelter Structures, we take great pride in providing the Department of Defense with premier portable fabric shelters. While we all hope for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict in North Korea, we also know that if the need for intervention arises, security shelters can be a big part of ensuring the safety and comfort of our men and women in uniform.

The Shelter Structures, Inc partnership with the Department of Defense has included the creation of a number of structures. From buildings employed at the Pentagon to submarine storage at Pearl Harbor and an Air Force hangar in Kuwait, we work hard to provide the US military with safe, easily installed, and reliable security shelters and other buildings to help make their jobs just a little bit easier as they fight for our freedoms.

The military and government applications of security shelters and other temporary and custom fabric buildings are nearly countless. We are proud to now offer hybrid buildings that make use of both fabric covers and metal hard sides to help improve durability and security. We have also worked with the military to develop maintenance buildings, training structures, and much more. US security is always the top priority of our military, and we want to do whatever we can to provide them with the secure structures that they need to get the job done as safely as possible whether they are at home or overseas. In a time where situations like the one in North Korea fill our newscasts, the ability to provide secure shelter for our troops is something that we are admittedly quite proud of.


Aircraft Hangars and Safety Are Crucial in Today’s World

April 27th, 2013

aircraft hangarsOn April 1 of this year, a suspicious device was found at one of the terminals of Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport.  While everyone was evacuated successfully and the terminal was only closed for about two hours, the importance of safety when it comes to aircraft hangars was once again brought to light.  A similar story recently occurred when a number of FedEx employees suddenly became ill, forcing other workers at the sorting facility to be relocated to a nearby hangar until the situation could be resolved.

In today’s world, air travel safety is one of our top priorities.  September 11 changed everything about the way we look at air travel, and for many this starts with safe, reliable aircraft hangars.  Not only can the right hangar provide a safe environment in the event of an evacuation, but it offers many benefits to the planes themselves as well as to those who work on them.

Fabric aircraft hangars, such as those built by Shelter Structures, are designed with safety in mind.  Not only can they lower cockpit temperatures by as much as eighty degrees during summer, but they are capable of withstanding sustained winds of up to 110 miles per hour, keeping both planes and workers safe during even the worst weather conditions.

Weather and extreme temperatures have been found to cause great damage to planes, both civilian and military, and a proper hangar can make a world of difference.  In times of emergency, having a hangar that can serve as a safe respite while law enforcement units or medical personnel attend to a crisis can be equally critical.  Shelter Structure, Inc specializes in fabric hangars that are meant to provide safety in any number of situations while also providing a safe and cost effective means for airports to safely and reliably store and work on their aircraft.


Energy Efficient Buildings Can Have a Lasting Impact On Our Wallets and Our Environment

April 26th, 2013

energy efficient buildings With Earth Day 2013 recently reminding all of us of the importance of having a positive impact on the environment and reducing the amount of waste and damage that we create, the time has again come for homeowners, businesses, and even governments to start looking for cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions to common problems.  While there are many ways to do this, Shelter Structures, Inc can help by providing tensioned fabric energy efficient buildings for a wide range of applications.

Fabric structures can be custom designed to suit almost any need, from aircraft hangars to marine storage, warehouses, machine shops, pavilions, and even emergency weather shelters.  Our energy efficient buildings can help offer incredibly UV protection, reducing temperatures considerably over structures comprised of metal or glass while offering equal or even superior durability against weather, impact, and more.

Energy efficient buildings made from fabric and installed using tension or created as hybrid buildings with metal bottoms are easy to install, have long lives, and are resistant to corrosion.  They are also designed to provide the most efficient use of resources possible, meaning that we ensure that materials, water, and energy used to produce these high quality buildings are kept to a minimum.   Easy relocatability of these buildings means eliminating the need to purchase and build new structures when a business or operation relocates, and the materials used to build our structures even help reduce the impact on health compared to materials that give off VOCs or metals that leech chemicals into the ground over time.

The bottom line is that Earth Day 2013 has once again helped serve as a wake up call to the impact that we all have on the environment, whether we are corporate owners, government contractors, or homeowners.  The right structures really can have a major impact, and the advantages of tensioned fabric buildings are simply too great to consider going with a less eco-friendly solution in a world where our environmental impact has proven to be nothing short of devastating.


The Many Benefits of Purchasing a Temporary Structure

April 25th, 2013

temporary structureThe need for temporary shelters and buildings is a surprisingly common one for homeowners, businesses, and even government and military installations.  These structures offer many benefits over creating permanent buildings to meet a temporary need and especially over using tents and staked canopies, which provide little benefit and can even be dangerous in the event of high winds or other dangerous weather.  A temporary structure can come in many forms, from storage and warehousing space to a place for people to congregate and much more, and the benefits are nearly endless.

One area where a temporary structure can really come in handy is for businesses and groups that commonly meet in different locations.  From circuses and bands to church groups and large construction and other companies, the need for a structure that can go where you do and be set up with ease is critical.   By taking advantage of tensioned fabric buildings, you gain a structure that can be installed quickly, removed just as easily, and that will provide a secure and weather resistant shelter in the interim.  In fact, fabric shelters are shown to reduce summer temperatures considerably compared to structures made of glass or metal, while the ratchets and strips used to create the structures made by Shelter Structures, Inc also provide additional safety benefits over those using tension rods.

Construction companies and military installations can also see great benefit from the use of a temporary structure.  When base operations need to be moved or when a large construction project has ended and another is ready to begin, the ability to easily relocate your structure is rather apparent.  A portable building provides you with the ability to easily set up for fairs, farming events, and more and can make it easy to store equipment, provide shelter in an emergency, or meet a host of other needs.  When you need a building that offers the ideal combination of environmental friendliness, portability, and safety, a temporary building made with only the best materials is certainly your top choice.