Shelter Structures Created Ideal Weather Protection Solutions for the Belt Parkway Project

May 27th, 2013

The creation of the new bridge on Brooklyn’s Belt Parkway was no simple task.  Not only was the bridge fairly large in size, but it is a concrete based bridge that was built in winter weather.  This means that Tully Construction, the contractors who built the bridge, were put in the position of finding a way to keep the construction area heated so that the concrete could set properly.  Moreover, they had to do it within budget, in a way that left them a structure they could reuse, and in a way that met all of NYC’s building codes, even though the structure was temporary.  The choice they made?  Shelter Structures, a company known for quality temporary buildings and ideal weather protection solutions.

weather protection solutionsShelters built by Shelter Structures are designed to be cost effective and energy efficient weather protection solutions.  The structure used for the Tully Construction project allowed for easy heating while still ensuring that the structure could be used on future bridges, even if their widths differed from Belt Parkway simply by adding additional sections to the trusses that hold the shelter on.  By utilizing flexible cables instead of more rigid means of creating the shelter that encompasses the frame, Shelter Structures was able to help reduce structure and creation cost considerably while making it easier to reuse the structure for future projects.

Creating great weather protection solutions at an affordable price when working on difficult and tricky projects is what Shelter Structures is all about.  Offering affordable designs that are easy to set up and take down is just a part of what we do, and we can work on even the largest and most challenging project.  The Tully Construction project was just one of many of Shelter Structures’ fantastic builds, but it is certainly one that we take great pride in.


Relocatable Buildings Were Critical for the RES America BP Wind Energy Project

May 26th, 2013

RES America is a renewable energy company that works throughout the US in conjunction with BP Wind Energy to help create sustainable energy sources.  Shelter Structures was proud to be a part of one of their projects when they were tasked with creating structures in Noxen, PA that could stand up to the treacherous winter weather that occurred in the mountains where the wind farm was being created.

relocatable buildingsFor those not well-versed in wind farms, the turbines require a great deal of highly sensitive electronic components- components that would not fare well under direct exposure to winter weather.  As a result, Shelter Structures had to design a number of relocatable buildings that could be installed on a variety of different terrains to help keep these components protected until they could be installed.  The project was certainly a challenging one, but difficult environments are never a problem for the custom designers here at Shelter Structures.

In order to achieve their goal and meet the needs of RES-America and BP Wind Energy, Shelter Structures created a ballast system that made it possible for their relocatable buildings to be firmly anchored without having to use earth anchors or to create a foundation for each building.  This certainly helped shorten the time frame for the installation of the building, and it also made it much easier for the buildings to be rapidly moved whenever the shelter had to be taken and set up in a new location.

The RES America/BP Wind Energy Project was certainly a challenge, but it was one that the Shelter Structures team rose to with ease.  Projects like this are standards for our company, though each presents its own unique set of challenges.  When it comes to providing relocatable buildings that can be easily moved, that are cost effective, and that can work in tricky or oddly shaped environments, Shelter Structures is always up to the task!


Fabric Covered Buildings Offer Many Advantages

May 25th, 2013

Here at Shelter Structures, we are proud of the buildings that we create.  We know that we offer companies and installations major cost savings as well as energy savings, and we can’t help but take pride in this.  Moreover, we know that our fabric covered buildings offer numerous advantages over traditional buildings.  Here are just a few of the advantages that Shelter Structures relocatable buildings offer over traditional structures and over the competition:

  • Longer fabric life due to tensioning along the sides instead of along the length

  • Easier installation due to the use of ratchets and fabric straps instead of threaded rods

  • Custom design to meet any set of needs, including size, terrain, etc while working to ensure the most cost effective design possible

  • Greater portability due to the modular construction that enables the buildings to be moved anywhere at any time

  • The ability to create a permanent or semi-permanent structure due to their ability to withstand virtually any set of weather conditions

  • Easy permitting because all buildings are stamped and signed by engineers licensed within the state where the shelter will be used instead of where it was manufactured

  • Increased safety due to no sharp points, no trip hazards from ground rails, and no corrosion of parts

  • A longer warranty for fabric covered buildings mean a longer overall life of the building

In short, Shelter Structures works hard to beat the competition in every avenue possible, from cost to safety to durability and portability.  Take the time to compare us to the competition and see why our fabric covered buildings are a top choice for some of the biggest and most complex projects, as well as military and construction installations around the world.  When companies and groups need the best, we take great pride in being able to step up to the task.


Construction Shelters Can Provide Big Benefit for Project Recycling and Waste Management

May 24th, 2013

Construction projects can generate a great deal of waste.  While some of this waste is not reusable or recyclable, a great majority of construction waste often is.  From metals to wood and more, recyclable materials are generated as by byproducts of major construction projects.  To keep these materials from being exposed to the elements and to help ensure that they are able to be protected until they can be properly disposed of, Shelter Structures works to create construction sheltersMany large scale construction projects also include a landscaping element, whether this means installing fresh landscaping or removing dirt and other organic materials from the build site.  Another benefit of Shelter Structures is that they are able to offer buildings that control moisture content in order for the organic material to be properly composted.  The compost can then be sold to other private companies or used in future landscaping projects.

Whether you are looking for a place to house recycling and construction waste, to store compost, or even to store work equipment to keep it protected from the elements, Shelter Structures are easily relocatable, which means that they can go with you from one project to the next.  They also offer benefits in terms of cost effectiveness, weather protection, energy savings, and so much more.  Protecting construction waste from the elements is often a major component of whether or not it can be recycled and reused, and quality wood that has not been rained or snowed on can often be used on future projects.  Take the time to consider the benefits of these buildings and it is easy to see the many applications they can have on any large construction project.


A Temporary Structure Is a Must for Large Scale Summer Construction

May 23rd, 2013

With summer right around the corner, construction season is upon us.  Shopping malls, housing developments, and other large projects will be springing up everywhere, and military installations will be creating many new builds as well.  One thing about summer construction, however, is that it is very dependent on the weather.  Some electronic components cannot withstand extreme heat and humidity, while many building materials are simply unsafe if left exposed to rain and strong winds.  For these reasons and many more, Shelter Structures offers temporary structure options to suit almost any need.

temporary structureThe right type of temporary structure for your construction project depends on your needs.  For some companies, the goal is to find a building to store and possibly even cool materials.  For others, the need is for a safe structure to house construction vehicles.  Here at Shelter Structure, our buildings are custom designed by licensed engineers and designed around the project, rather than expecting you to fit your project and items to our buildings.  This can provide many benefits for larger projects, especially when buildings may need to be relocated frequently or placed on unique terrain.

Here at Shelter Structure, we are proud to be the creator of some of the strongest, most easily relocated, and most cost and energy efficient temporary structure options on the market today.  Our products offer many advantages over the competition and can make construction projects easier, more efficient, and safer.  Take the time to review our products and what they can do for your project, and we are confident that you will see that we are your best choice for temporary buildings and fabric tensioned structures.  Whether you are looking to house equipment, materials, or just about anything else, Shelter Structures and our amazing team of engineers can come up with the building that will be perfectly suited to your needs.