Clear Span Buildings Provide Ideal Solution as Aircraft Shade Structures

Shelter Structures clear span buildings can be aircraft shade structuresWith aircraft ownership and travel on the rise, the need for a shelter that provides protection from the elements is also increasing. You’d make sure that your expensive sports car was protected from the sun, snow and rain, so why would it be any different for a very pricey flying vehicle?

Not only is an aircraft shade structure important for the airplane, but for the maintenance crew as well.  A clear span building offers an ideal solution with more and more owners turning to this type of structure as the obvious choice.

Clear span buildings offer the ultimate in maneuverability and flexibility, essential for aircraft movement. These structures are not only able to supply the open space that’s necessary, but are also easily able to accommodate the huge door spans required for an aircraft hangar.

Some of the advantages of using a clear span building include:

Easy to relocate. When it comes time to relocate your aircraft, this type of structure offers a clear advantage as it can be deconstructed and relocated fairly quickly. Nearly all of the structural components can be reused at the new hangar location.

Little to no foundation required. A clear span building can be installed on little to no foundation. The structures can usually even be installed on a dirt foundation and made readily available for quick use, such as in the event of necessary repairs. Once the repairs have been completed, the building can once again be easily deconstructed and relocated, or stored until you need it again.

Economical. Clear span buildings can also save you lots of money. In addition to having a low cost per square foot and being energy efficient, these structures even offer tax savings. Because they are classified as temporary buildings, under the current Internal Revenue Code Section 179 Benefit, you’ll reap outstanding tax savings using a clear span building as compared to a traditional wood or steel building.

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