Manufacturing & Warehousing

Instant Storage, Warehousing, & Manufacturing Space 
When you need an immediate and cost-effective bulk storage solution or additional space for manufacturing or a portable on-site warehouse, consider a shelter from Shelter Structures, Inc. Manufacturing and warehousing is easier with a portable on-site warehouse. Our shelters can be treated as either a temporary warehouse or permanent solution. Quickly produced and installed, you can have your portable on-site warehouse “ready to go” in a few weeks.

Multiple Applications 
Use our modular shelters in all types of manufacturing and warehousing situations. For example, the US is getting ready to expand several ports to accommodate larger ships. Our shelters can be used at ports for Break Bulk Warehousing, Cargo Sort Facilities, Baggage Inspection Facilities, Bulk Storage, Marine Shelters, Port Facilities, and On-site Warehousing. Custom designs include On Track Wheel Systems, Movable Structures, and structures that are Crane Liftable. They are also useful whenever you need…

  • Expansion of existing facilities
  • Pallet storage
  • Raw materials containment
  • Truck dock weather protection
  • Finished product storage & portable on-site warehousing


Customized Temporary & Permanent Solutions
You can transform previously unusable space by adding a cover that spans existing buildings or attaches to their side. We offer a variety of shelter options, ranging from fully-enclosed structures with doors to simple canopies.

The portable on-site warehouse can be climate controlled, providing complete protection from the elements. They let in natural light and also have good sound-dampening properties. All of these features enable you to bring outdoor manufacturing work indoors and accommodate temporary warehouse needs.

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CAF 144’W x 240’L x 66’H Building from Shelter Structures CAF 144’W x 240’L x 66’H with a 36′ sidewall on one side, and 11′ on the other, which is attached to an existing building. Additional storage capacity
Manufacturing Facility in Cerrey S.A. de C.V. of Nuevo Leon Cerrey S.A. de C.V. of Nuevo Leon 108’W x 76’3”H x 378’L Manufacturing assembly facility
Haiti Central Post Office from Shelter Structures Haiti Central Post Office 60’W x 100’L x 23’H. Hybrid building provides immediate, secure facility for disaster recovery
Rocky Mountain Prestress Structure Rocky Mountain Prestress 65’W x 140’L x 52’H, with a 54’W x 34’H door. Provides covered space for winter precast operations.