Other Applications for our Fabric Shelters

Shelter Structures, Inc. has been delivering portable  fabric shelters for more than 20 years. During that time, we’ve designed structures for hundreds of different applications including:

  • Equipment storage
  • Construction site storage
  • Barge Covers
  • Car dealerships
  • Portable machine shop

Among our more creative weather protection and containment shelters are:

  • Butterfly pavilion at the Bronx Zoo
  • Go-Kart track canopy
  • Odor containment cover at sewer plants
  • UV-protection at a water treatment plant

Whatever your unique situation, we can figure which of our fabric shelters suits your needs. Contact Shelter Structures to discuss your requirements.



fabric shelters in st lucie from shelter structures St. Lucie County Parking Cover
23″W x 140’L x 77’H Covered parking facility
IBM shelter structure IBM
26’W x 42’L x 17’H Covered treatment area
fabric shelters in nashville, tennessee from shelter structures W.J. Hailey
112’W x 100’L x 45’H Designed to cover a historic water treatment plant in Nashville, TN, during a renovation. Shelter was moved twice during the project.
enclosed shelter used to store chemical components Ciba Specialty Chemicals
23’W x 25’L x 17’H. Totally enclosed shelter used to store chemical components.