Security Inspection

Weather Protection for People and Equipment 
The Department of Homeland Security has mandated inspection for people and freight at all border crossings. But constructing conventional buildings to serve as inspection stations can be an expensive proposition. Shelter Structures, Inc. offers a cost-effective alternative-tensioned fabric security shelters for security inspections.

Fast Installation
Our security shelters can be custom-built to your specifications. We’ll provide you with recommendations for size, shape, and materials, ensuring that the shelter meets your objectives. From the time you place your order until the shelter is installed and fully functional is usually just 4-6 weeks.

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Our custom-designed security shelters will provide effective weather protection for people and equipment at an affordable price. Contact Shelter Structures, Inc. today to discuss your security inspection shelter needs.



Pentagon Entrance from Shelter Structures Pentagon Entrance, Washington, DC. 44’W x 80’L x 29’H
Pauxtent Security Entrance Security Entrance, NICCJV, Pauxtent, VA. 78’L x 80’L x 35’H
Port Everglades truck entrance Truck Entrance Port Everglades Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 65’W x 120’L x 32’H
Port Everglades convention center entrance Convention Center Entrance Port Everglades Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 30’W x 20’L x 15’H
Port Everglades Cargo Scanning Facility Cargo Scanning Facility Port Everglades Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 50’W x 100’L x 18’H Sidewall