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September 10th, 2018


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August 10th, 2018

Portable Warehouse Accessories You Can’t Do Without

July 13th, 2018

Businesses and other entities can all benefit from using a portable warehouse. They combine the durability you expect along with the ability to be relocated either onsite or to another site completely.

Why Improve Your Portable Warehouse?

In both instances, you may want to make certain customized additions in order to get the most out of these or any other custom fabric building. These can fill a variety of purposes like added storage, organization, and security. Below are some prime examples of ways to accessorize your portable warehouse.



3 Reasons to Consider a Fabric Building for Storage

June 20th, 2018

Sticking to what you know is a comfortable and familiar route, however breaking tradition can be very rewarding. If you need some extra storage space, you should consider getting a fabric building or clear span building instead of an expensive, time consuming, traditional building. Despite some common misconceptions, these structures are just as durable and effective as traditional buildings. Here are three reasons to consider a fabric building for your storage space:



Fabric Buildings News: Hybrid Tower from the Royal Danish Academy

May 14th, 2018

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts recently revealed their Hybrid Tower. This new “soft tower” uses bent GFRP rods that have been embedded into a knitted fabric to create an architectural structure. A series of tension cables keeps the fabric building intact. Special elastic materials were developed specifically for the project, creating a structurally sound tower that can stand up to the natural elements, including gusts of wind and other changes to the environment. (more…)


Using a Tension Fabric Structure for Shelter Buildings

May 3rd, 2018

Tension fabric structures are among the most durable shelter buildings available today. Find out why they’re tough enough for your next project. (more…)


The Advantages of Using a Portable Warehouse on Tracks

April 23rd, 2018

If you are taking on a large outdoor project with lots of moving parts, you might need a portable warehouse to help you protect your equipment and any assets from the elements. These kinds of movable fabric buildings are placed on a track, giving you the option to slide the shelter structure forward or back if you need more access to what’s underneath. These structures can suit a wide variety of applications and projects. Learn more about the advantages of using custom fabric buildings as a portable warehouse. (more…)


Tracking the Lifespan of a Fabric Building

April 10th, 2018

Despite some common misconceptions, fabric buildings are extremely durable when they’re made with the right materials. Cost-effective and easy to setup, these fabric shelters can stand up to just about any kind of environment, including rain, snow, heat, and the frigid cold. They provide shelter for all types of applications, including outdoor performances, industrial operations, storage, aerospace, military, and even mining operations. If you’re interested in using one of these structures for your next event or project, learn more about the lifespan of a fabric building. (more…)


Our Custom-Designed Clear Span Building Projects as Aircraft Shade Structures

March 22nd, 2018

Shelter Structures has a long-term relationship with the military. Our fabric clear span buildings provide excellent shade and protection for various aircraft. Here is an overview of some of our previous projects. (more…)


Military Applications for Fabric Buildings

March 8th, 2018

Fabric clear span buildings are proving ideal for storage and other applications and requirements ever since the military started to implement them. Custom fabric buildings can be designed to specified size requirements and often utilize modular building methods allowing for easy alterations as needs change.

Fabric shelters are not only an extremely flexible building solution, but also are more cost-effective than their metal alternatives. Military equipment is regularly upgraded and replaced causing the need to augment or replace existing structures. When using fabric buildings, the military can take advantage of their modular and portable nature to adapt existing fabric structures to new conditions and equipment. (more…)