Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Shelter Structures, Inc. been in business? 
We’ve been in business for over 20 years, providing portable fabric building shelters for a wide variety of applications to customers all over the world.

Are you a public company? 
No, we’re a family-owned business which is reflected in our wholehearted commitment to our customers.

What are your shelters made of?
Our shelters consists of a strong, clear-span frame of galvanized steel arches covered with a skin of weatherproof, heavy-duty reinforced fabric. We also offer custom hybrid fabric buildings.

What applications can your shelters be used for? 
Our fabric buildings can provide weather protection or containment solutions for virtually any type of location anywhere in the world. Our shelters are currently used at airports, factories, marine yards, construction sites, quarries, convention centers, playgrounds and water treatment plants.

Are your fabric buildings permanent or temporary shelters?
Our shelters are extremely durable. They can be either permanent or temporary based on your needs. Most of the shelters we delivered 15 and even 20 years ago are still in use.

What sizes are available?
A fabric building can be sized and shaped to meet your specific requirements. We specialize in larger structures, from 100′ wide to 280′ wide, up to 100 feet high and any length.

Can I alter the size of a shelter if my needs change?
Because our shelters are built with modular units, fabric buildings can easily and cost effectively be shortened or lengthened.

Can I move my shelter to a location when done with a project? 
Yes, our shelters are totally relocatable. All fabric structures can be loaded right onto a truck. Larger shelters may require use of a crane.

Are your shelters weatherproof?
Yes, they are made of weatherproof, heavy-duty reinforced fabric. They can withstand wind and snow loads for almost any conditions and can be as safely used in the tropics as in the Arctic.

Can shelters have ventilation, air-conditioning and heat? 
Yes, fabric buildings can be open air or fully enclosed. If enclosed, they can have ventilation, filtration, air-conditioning and heat.

Can shelters and fabric buildings be wired for electricity? 
Yes, our shelters are completely customizable including electrical requirements.

Are shelters dark inside? 
No, they let in natural light, giving a pleasant, sunny-day feeling. Additional lighting can also be installed. We can help you select lighting that will be most effective for your particular application.

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