Hardside Shelters

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Hardside: Hardside fabric shelters are an exciting new innovation exclusively from Shelter Structures. Metal cladding is used for the straight side of either a Gable or a Modified Quonset shelter, with our standard fabric cover for the roof. This design provides the best of both worlds; the sturdy benefits of metal with the translucent benefits of a fabric roof .

Common uses: Hardside fabric shelters were developed to respond to customer requests for a less flexible structure from the ground to the eaves. It is has been used for heavy duty applications, like warehousing and high traffic areas, like the Post Office in Haiti.

All Shelter Structures are built to last, with galvanized steel frames and coated polyester-reinforced PVC membranes. They can be outfitted with any commercially available accessories you may need, including lighting, HVAC and doors (personnel, roll-up, pivoting and more).


Additional benefits of our fabric shelters include:


  • A modular design that allows you to expand and subdivide structures into multiple units and easily relocate them as your needs change.
  • Unobstructed clear span space, with no columns or internal supports.
  • Mobility to provide clear access to the interior; most shelters can be designed to be moved on wheels or track systems, or via crane.
  • Eco-friendly construction, with recycled steel and a small carbon footprint created during manufacturing, transportation and installation.
  • Reduced energy use in shelters utilizing translucent fabric.
  • Optional hard sides for locations where security is a concern or for operations that require protection for the fabric.