White Rock Quarries

White Rock Quarry Shelters

White Rock Quarries of Hialeah, FL, purchased 4 shelters from Shelter Structures, Inc when they needed solid solutions for in-field maintenance. Our quarry shelters allow White Rock to save time and money by storing and repairing equipment in the field, rather than a central location. The shelters were all custom designed to fit the particular needs at each site. Options can include lighting, endwalls and access doors.
Shelter Structures - White Rock Quarries 1 Shelter Structures - White rock Quarries 2
White Rock #1, 86′W x 80′L x 33′H White Rock #2, 88′W x 160′L x 47′H
Shelter Structures - White Rock Quarries 3 Shelter Structure - White Rock Quarries 4
White Rock #3, 42′W x 40′L x 31′H White Rock #4, 37′W x 43′L x 13′H