The Benefits of Precast Shelters

December 27th, 2012

precast concrete buildings from shelter structures can be transported from job site to job site There are many benefits to using precast shelters for all concrete jobs as they offer protection from the elements and other issues.  These shelters are totally portable so a company can take them from one job site to another with ease.  These shelters also offer more security for out of the way job sites where vandals could do a great deal of damage to the equipment.  The following are some of the other benefits of having a portable shelter when working with concrete:

  • Moisture Control – When concrete is being mixed, there are certain chemicals that are used to keep it either wetter during hot days and dryer when the weather is wet.  With a shelter, there is no need to worry about excess moisture such as rain or snow getting into the concrete to affect the mix.  The chemicals can be used as normal as the shelter protects the mix even during the pour process.  Even for large pours there are shelters that are large enough to cover the area while keeping everything dry.
  • Mold Beds – Precast shelters can help to protect the mold beds when they are being constructed, waiting for a concrete pour or when the concrete is setting and curing.  During any season it is vital to keep foreign objects out of the beds even when there is no pour scheduled.  These beds may sometimes have pre-stressed rebar that needs to be kept at a certain tension until after the concrete has been poured.  The shelter can also keep others away from the mold beds until they are ready to be used.
  • Curing – Curing concrete is a very specialized process.  If it is cured at the wrong temperature it can weaken the concrete so a shelter is a definite plus during the curing process.  Not only does it keep the temperature at a constant, it also keeps everyone from walking through the pour area and possibly causing damage while the concrete is curing.

Job sites where concrete is being poured are the perfect place for precast shelters because they offer a wide variety of benefits.  The weather is not an issue when there is a shelter to keep the wind, rain and sun off the mold beds and curing concrete.  The best aspect of these shelters is the fact that they are totally portable and they are modular so they can erected to any size or scale.