Fabric Buildings, Temporary Shelters and Buildings from Shelter Structures, Inc.

Cost-effective Weather Protection and Containment

You need a temporary fabric shelter or building to provide protection from the weather, contain an area, or serve as storage space, but you don’t want to spend the money to construct a conventional building. More importantly, you need it now! A temporary building / temporary shelter from Shelter Structures, Inc. may be the perfect alternative.

Temporary Fabric Buildings, Shelters and Portable Fabric Structures Offer Many Benefits

Our custom-designed temporary fabric buildings, portable shelters and portable structures give you a fast, low-cost solution. We provide quick delivery, and installation can often be completed in a few days. Because of their modular construction, you can easily expand or relocate your portable building, shelter or structure when desired.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Temporary fabric buildings can be configured to meet your specific requirements. They can range in size from up to 280′ wide, up to 100 feet high and any length and shape. They can be open at the ends or fully enclosed with doors. Choose from a vast selection of fabrics, all flame retardant, that meet a wide range of performance requirements.

Ideal for Many Venues

Our temporary buildings can provide weather protection or containment solutions for virtually any type of location anywhere in the world. They are currently used at:

  • Military Bases
  • Factories
  • Marine Yards
  • Construction Sites
  • Quarries
  • Mining Operations
  • Oil Field Services Sites
  • Water Treatment Plants


Features of our Temporary Buildings and Temporary Shelters