Contrack Bahrain

The US Navy is transitioning its maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft from the P-3 aircraft to the modern P-8A aircraft. Designed by Boeing and modeled on the body of a 737 airliner, this aircraft is being phased into operations in various locations around the world. One such location is at ISA Air Base in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In order to support the integration of the P-8A, there are a number of facilities that must be constructed. One facility in particular is the hangar. The tension fabric hangar will provide a sheltered space with maintenance support spaces serving the hangar. The hangar is to accommodate the P-8A aircraft and support facilities including; maintenance, administrative offices, supply and equipment storage. The tension fabric hangar will accommodate and cover all hangar functions, within the hangar footprint.

The maintenance spaces will provide easy accessibility to the aircraft bay to enhance maintenance operations. The primary users of this facility will conduct scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of the P-8A aircraft. The service personnel in this facility will conduct maintenance, inspection, ground handling, preflight preparation, mission preparation, training, and debriefing.

Gabriel Chaleff