Shelter Structures Project

Comtech Industries Tension Fabric Shelter

Project Dimensions: 56’W x 190’L x 31’H

Comtech Industries, Inc. is a leading value provider serving the unique needs of major Oil and Natural Gas Producers and Industrial Facilities.  They specialize in water treatment systems and drilling service programs.  They employ a proprietary process to clear waste water resulting from the fracking process.

Comtech needed a building to enclose their waste water treatment facility in Dimock, PA.  The building needed access from all four sides to allow their equipment to be recharged, while being able to close all four sides during inclement weather   Shelter Structures designed a tension fabric shelter that is 56’ wide x 190’ long with a center height of 31’ to cover the equipment.  We then added a set of track mounted side and end wall doors that can be opened to allow full width access when needed.  This design allows Comtech to have both a fully open and a fully enclosed building, providing maximum design flexibility.

Additionally, this building was designed with a 40lb snow load to meet local building codes in northern PA.

Shelter Structures specializes in custom designs that are tailored for our customer’s needs.