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Applications: Industrial Use Shelters

Shelter Structures is the industry leader in large buildings. Our custom engineered fabric shelters can be designed up to 280’ in width, and any length. Our large fabric shelters for industrial use can serve many purposes in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Large Industrial Companies

  • Oil and Gas Companies

  • Large Engineering Companies

  • The US Military 

Here are some images of one of the four large shelters for our USAF project in Georgia.  The request was for 80,000 square feet of space to store aircraft and ship parts, and Shelter Structures was awarded the job based on past performance record with regard to large shelters and challenging installations.

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We also completed a project for CAF in Elmira New York when they required a large fabric shelter to additional storage adjacent to their current facility. The challenge was to include a 500 foot gantry crane running the length of the building in the design. Find out how Shelter Structures created a customized large fabric shelter for CAF on their project page.


Our largest project to date is for Cerrey S.A. de C.V. of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This large fabric shelter had dimensions of 108′W x 76’3″H x 378′L. The shelter needed to be mobile to allow a crane to access any one of 5 workstations at any time.  We designed a track mounted shelter on Hilman rollers with a custom designed remote controlled traction system. You can learn more about the work we did for them on the Cerrey project page, but take a look at the size of the building here.