Clear Span Structures

Clear span buildings are fabric buildings from Shelter Structures that can be custom designed to accommodate any shape and size you need. Unlike most structures that use poles to stabilize ceilings, clear span structures do not use ceiling poles, allowing for more overall space. These fabric buildings can be temporary or permanent structures and are extremely versatile because of all the open space it offers. Ranging in size up to 280’ wide by 100’ high, clear span fabric structures can be any length. The modular construction means you can always increase or decrease the length should your application change.

Common Uses

There are many uses for clear span buildings, since these fabric buildings are very versatile and allow for so much more extra space. Additionally, these buildings can be relocated, making them ideal for project work.

The following are some of the common uses for clear span fabric structures:

Built to Last

Our clear span buildings are constructed with the highest quality components available. Our steel is recycled and American made.  All Shelter Structures’ tension fabric structures have a service life of 15-25 years while the galvanized frames have a service life of 50 years. Our fabric shelters comply with local building codes, and meet all of the engineering requirements at your specific site.

Shelter Structures stands behind its fabric buildings and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the exact building solution you need. Simply tell us about your application and available space, and our design engineers will recommend the best materials and configuration to meet your objectives.

For more information about our clear span buildings, contact Shelters Structures, Inc. to discuss your project. Call us at 1-800-330-9294 or email us at