Shelter Structures Projects

NAS Whiting Field Fabric Aircraft Hangars

Shelter Structures was awarded a contract from the Navy to construct 54 fabric aircraft hangars to cover 111 aircrafts. As ramp space on the navy airfields is limited, a primary objective was to use available space as efficiently as possible. We designed a series of rows of shelters supported by 12” columns in order to shelter the aircrafts using the minimum amount of ramp space. This achieves a substantial reduction in the space required by conventional, free standing shelters.

20 arch roof two-aircraft fabric shelters for have been installed at Whiting Field and another 23 will be installed at NAS Kingsville. In addition our customer subsequently requested 20 low profile two-aircraft shelters for Whiting Field. We have designed a series of metal clad, flat roof shelters to provide maximum visibility for airfield operations.

The photo below shows some of these structures. This project demonstrates our expertise in designing, manufacturing and erecting multiple shelters with consistent results as well as our ability to stage installation so as to maximize the efficiency of installation crews and equipment.