One of the benefits of a shelter solution from Shelter Structures is fast, easy installation.  All welding, drilling, fabrication and other manufacturing steps have been completed at the factory, so installation sometimes does not require special tools or skilled labor. Your tensioned fabric shelter can be mounted on almost any surface.

  1. Concrete- Shelters are anchored using anchor bolts set in epoxy cement.

  2. Asphalt or soil- Shelters are typically anchored using helical piles.

  3. Ballast – For short term applications or in areas where ground penetration is to be avoided, shelters are anchored using ballast, typically large concrete blocks set just inside the fabric perimeter.

  4. Sea Containers- Shelters for remote locations are often mounted on sea containers. We can provide the containers for shipping, which can then be used for on-site secure storage.

  5. Pilings and Stem Walls- For these applications, shelter frames are designed with custom base plates for mounting the shelter securely.

We offer 3 Installation options:

  • Turnkey Installation – Shelter Structures provides an experienced crew and equipment to install your building . This insures installation to Shelter Structures standards, completion on schedule and a fixed price for the project. This is often the best solution for large or mobile shelters.

  • Tech Rep Service – Shelter Structures provides an experienced installer who  guides the customer’s crew in the shelter erection process. This service typically accelerates the installation process faster than a Self Installation, while ensuring the proper installation of the fabric cover panels. This option is often the lowest cost solution when the customer has a capable contractor or crew available.

  • Self Installation – Customer installs the shelter using detailed drawings provided by Shelter Structures.  All welding, drilling, and other manufacturing steps are done at the factory. This is appropriate for smaller shelters when the customer has capable staff or and experienced local contractor.

Shelter Structures stands behind its buildings and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the exact building solution you need.

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