Whiting Aircraft Hangar Project Update


Shelter Structures won an award from Naval Air Station Whiting Field in September of 2012 to construct a total of 54 aircraft canopies. The configuration we designed consisted of 1 row of 11 double canopies, and 1 row of 12 double canopies, with the canopy size of 96’10” wide x 50’ long x 16’8” high.

In October of 2014, NAS Whiting asked for a design change to accommodate a site line issue with the tower.  Shelter Structures came up with an innovate solution involving flat roof aircraft hangars that were lower and resolved the tower site line issue.  This lower, flat roofed shelter represents a new product for Shelter Structures, developed because of a specific response to our customer’s needs.

You can rely on Shelter Structures to be responsive to all your needs, even mid project design changes! Call us for a custom solution now!

Gabriel Chaleff