Years in Business

Shelter Structures has been serving loyal customers for over 35 years.  Our goal will continue to be that of providing exceptional client service, enduring value, and unsurpassed product quality for our customers.


Selection options

Our clients custom-design their own fabric buildings and fabric structures, ensuring they get exactly what they are looking for. Our tension fabric buildings can be configured to meet your specific requirements.


Your expert for custom fabric shelters. We’ve seen and done it all.


A few of our clients:


Shelter Structures recently created a large composting facility with two custom fabric builds. Both structures were different sizes, but after working closely with the customer, Shelter Structures was able to develop an efficient and economical shelter. Watch the video to learn more about the shelters, and visit us at www.shelterstructures.com to learn about our company!

Why Shelter Structures?

  • Stability: Longevity. Trusted Partner for over 35 years.

  • Award winning leadership: Let us be a reliable partner for you too.

  • Proof of quality: Meeting industry standards & certifications. Providing consistency and accountability to reduce your risk.

  • Flexibility: We have the capability to solve a broad range of problems. We understand multiple needs.

  • Customized: Good at solving any complicated designs you have.

  • Strength and Protection: Category II Engineering

  • Cost Savings to you: Low-cost solution to traditional structures,

  • Quick Turnaround: fast delivery, and install our tension fabric buildings in just a few days. Because of their modular construction, you can easily expand or relocate your fabric structure if your project calls for it.

  • Shelter Structures are built to last. Call us today at 800-330-9294 and compare.

The Shelter Structures Advantage

Shelter Structures buildings offer several advantages over competitors’ buildings. These are listed below. Feel free to read a white paper on a project highlighting the advantage. Also, see more on each advantage on our The Shelter Structures Advantage page.

Custom Designed: Comtech Industries Project

Heavier, Stronger Frames: DLA Distribution–Robins AFB Project

No ground rails to create trip hazards: White Rock Quarries Project

Stronger connections: CAF Large Fabric Structure Project

Corrosion Protection: RES/BP Wind Energy Project

Longer fabric life: Naval Air Station Military Hangars

Ease of Installation: Cannon AFB Project

Top Quality Fabric: Port-au-Prince Post Office Project

Engineered Drawings: BCR Fellsmere Project

Green Energy Efficient Buildings: BCR Environmental Project  

Portability: Cerrey S.A. de C.V. Project

Permanent & Semi-Permanent: Beltway Bridge Project 

Relocatable Buildings: FMC Subsea Mobile Shelter Project 

Int’l Code II Engineering: US Army Weather Protection Project

GSA Contract #GS-07F-9549S: Air Force Warehouse Complex Project

Flexibility in Design: Contrack Watts Project

Tully Beltway Bridge Project, Flushing NY

Tully Beltway Bridge Project, Flushing NY