Air Force Warehouse Complex Project

Shelter Structures designs coverage solutions especially for each customer’s needs. Our team is proud to show off two recent fabric structure projects that Shelter Structures completed for the U.S. military under its GSA contract: an 80,000 square foot warehouse complex on an Air Force base, and 200,000 square feet of aircraft shade structures at a Naval Aviation training base.

Case Study: Air Force Warehouse Complex.

A tenant command on an Air Force base was responsible for storage and disposition of millions of dollars of materiel related to repair of large cargo aircraft. At the outset of this project, the materiel was decaying outdoors due to lack of suitable indoor storage space. The customer required an economical solution to get the materiel out of the elements while maintaining their operational flow. Shelter Structures designed four identical warehouses and installed them sequentially to enable the customer to maintain their operational routine with minimal impact.

The shelters were engineered to Risk Category II standards to ensure protection of the personnel and assets inside. Key features included a ventilation system to provide multiple air changes per hour, high efficiency interior and exterior lighting and two 18 feet square roll up doors to enable laden forklifts to move very large items efficiently. Because the customer’s site was an aged asphalt pad, Shelter Structures worked with the customer to develop a proprietary system to minimize water intrusion under the shelter. The heavy duty PVC fabric membranes have a 10-year prorated warranty and the galvanized steel frame system can last for decades.

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Gabriel Chaleff