New Project – Contrack Watts

Customer: Contrack Watts

Building Series: MQ

Application: P8-A Hangar, Isa Air Base, Bahrain

Shelter Structures is going to use a three-part Megadoor Hangar Door to solve problems for the US Navy. Read more about the project here.

The Need

The US Navy is transitioning its maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft from the P-3 aircraft to the modern P-8A aircraft. In order to support the integration of the P-8A, there are a number of new facilities that must be constructed. One facility in particular is the hangar at Isa Air Base, Bahrain. The hangar is intended to provide a sheltered space with maintenance support spaces serving the hangar.

The Intention

The  58.83 meter wide by 64 meter long tension fabric hangar has to be sustainable, quick to erect, and cost effective while meeting strict Military safety standards. Additionally, this hangar will accommodate and cover all support facilities including maintenance, administrative offices, supply and equipment storage. Aircraft Access will be accomplished using a three part Megadoor Hangar Door system.

The Solution


We Believe in our Buildings

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Gabriel Chaleff