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Aerospace Maintenance/Storage Using a Tension Fabric Building

A building large enough to store various aircraft but also provide ample room for maintenance, can be challenging. For aircraft, you need a shelter that protects from harsh outdoor elements. Tension fabric buildings are utilized as airplane hangars for many reasons.

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Fabric Shelters Make Optimal Military Hangars

Aviation is expensive and the military can’t afford to risk any damage from the elements. Minimizing costs is a second essential element in maintaining a large fleet of aircraft. Fabric shelters provide the high-quality and low maintenance aircraft shade structures at a minimal cost, particularly in the construction of military hangars.

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Military Applications for Fabric Buildings

Fabric clear span buildings are proving ideal for storage and other applications and requirements ever since the military started to implement them. Custom fabric buildings can be designed to specified size requirements and often utilize modular building methods allowing for easy alterations as needs change.

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